Introducing... the Checkout button! 📣

Since the Checkout tool has been such a lovely part of our Payment tools, we've decided to add this tool to Unlimited Bookings Plus. Now, even more people can take advantage of how Checkout can help you keep track of payments in your Schedulicity account.

With the Checkout button, anyone with Unlimited Bookings Plus is able to record any transaction connected to a client's appointment. This helps you see at a glance from within your Schedulicity account if someone's paid for their appointment, even if you're not connected to our payment processors. Additionally, when you record a payment that's connected to a transaction, this is then recorded in our Transaction Report, which is an awesome way to keep a bird's eye view on your Schedulicity-based income. 🐦 

If you're using another processor, you're always able to use the "Other" payment method to simply note that an appointment has been paid. But should you ever want to take those cards through Schedulicity, Schedulicity Pay is a pretty awesome tool as well if you're interested. 😎 

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