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What is the Sales Summary Report?
What is the Sales Summary Report?

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The Sales Summary Report shows you the breakdown of gross sales, net sales, discounts, fees, refunds, taxes, gratuity—all neatly organized for your records 📊

With the ability to filter by provider as well as date range, this report is here to help you keep tabs on business trends, giving you all the ins and outs of your sales. 

Here is where you can access the Sales Summary Report:

  1. From the three lines in the top left, choose the Reports tab

  2. Scroll down to open up the Sales Summary Report

  3. Set your date range as well as the provider you'd like to see from the top

  4. You can Print or Export this report

❗ If filtered by provider and a gratuity was added oto a ticket with multiple services offered by multiple providers, we can’t know how much of the gratuity belongs to Provider A vs. Provider B. The full gratuity paid on that transaction will show on BOTH provider’s report. Taxes and refunds don't show on provider level either.

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