The great news about our low-energy Bluetooth card reader is that it's designed to be gentle to your phone or tablet's battery life instead of slurping it all away! To ensure that your phone doesn't get drained by our card reader, though, this means that it frequently goes to sleep 😴 – that is, if you don't have some handy tricks up your sleeve.

We recommend keeping your card reader plugged into a power source so that you're always ready to charge cards on your mobile device! 

Here's why:

  • Keeping your device plugged in and on a constant power supply will ensure that your device stays paired and ready to accept payments through Schedulicity Pay during your business hours. 
  • When your device is not plugged in, it will go to sleep almost instantly to preserve battery life for both the reader and your phone or tablet. When your device powers down, it also unpairs from your phone or tablet as well.
  • Fortunately, when you go to wake it up again, re-pairing your device is a speedy process! Simply push the power button to wake it up again and then go through the pairing process that we've outlined.

Hopefully, these tips help you keep your device at the ready to charge at a moment's notice! 💪 

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