You are absolutely able to email or print a receipt to your client, and it's super simple! Check it out:

After walking through the checkout steps and landing on the Payment Successful page, you'll see the options to either print or email a receipt. Like this:

If the client has an email address on file, that will be auto-filled for you, or you can change the address if needed. If a client does not have an address on file, you'll wanna click the little pencil icon to enter the client's email address. 

We are currently working on building the ability to re-send receipts after having passed this screen, so stay tuned for when we release that update! In the meantime, if you're connected to Schedulicity Pay, you'll be able to re-send a receipt by giving our partner, Clearent, a call at 844-721-7300.

One other thing that can be handy to keep in your back pocket, is the ability to have a transaction note included on the printed and emailed receipt! Simply, click "+ add note", enter your note, and toggle the switch to include that note on the receipt: 

That's all there is to it! 😎

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