Schedulicity Pay/Clearent businesses:

While you can always count on Schedulicity Rockstars to help guide you through the chargeback process, our partner- Clearent will send you a letter in the mail that will list the chargeback situation as well as the amount of time you have to dispute the chargeback, and they'll also give you a call to dig in.  Clearent is your chargeback sidekick, and feel free to lean on them for any questions about how to take your dispute head-on 866-637-5467. 🔮 

If you've received a notice from Clearent that a client has initiated a chargeback, here are two steps you can take to help dispute the situation:

  1. Act quickly - you'll want to act in a timely manner to have the best chance of winning the dispute.

  2. Be thorough in providing the right documentation - that means check and double-check that you're providing all the info Clearent is requesting and if you have extra documentation that will further help your dispute, it's always a good idea to send that too! 

As a heads up, you can log into: and upload the necessary documentation for you chargeback or you can mail or fax the documentation to Clearent, in order to keep things as secure as can be!  📩 From there, they'll take care of you during the entire chargeback process! 

From the Schedulicity side of things, give us a shout if we can help with any screenshots as here's some helpful information to grab:

  1. Make sure your appointment confirmation emails are up to date with your No-Show Policy.  You can book a test appointment and email the confirmation to yourself to see what your policy contains, and then take a screenshot and send that to Clearent.  

  2. Update your Business Listing to display your No-Show Policy.

  3. Any time a client books an appointment for a service that has a "Hold with a Credit Card" or "Deposit", the confirmation email for their booking will include your No-Show policy. Make sure each of your service are set up for hold cc or deposit so clients will be sure to know of your policy as soon as they book their appointment. 

Even if/when you win a chargeback dispute, chargeback fees still apply. There will be a $15 handling (Clearent fee) on the 5th of the following month.

Stripe businesses:

If you're a Canadian user with Stripe, and you received notice of a chargeback, Stripe will be your go-to for questions there. Check out the link below to their support page to help guide you through the process. 🚗

What's Next?

  • If you have any questions on chargebacks in general, or if there's anything we can lend a hand with along the way, feel free to drop us a line to chat

  • Looking for some tips on avoiding chargebacks in the future? Check out this article.

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