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I'm having trouble pairing my phone with the mobile card reader – help?
I'm having trouble pairing my phone with the mobile card reader – help?

Unable to connect to mobile device, card reader won't pair with my phone, won't connect with my phone

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Schedulicity's mobile card reader uses what's known as "Low Energy Bluetooth"—not the same as bluetooth for music—so it will not appear as an option in iPhone settings. While it will appear on Androids, you'll wanna go through the Schedulicity app directly, either on your iPhone or your Android, to get the device paired up and connected.  

Let's start by double checking with the list below:

1. The device can only be paired to one phone or iPad/tablet at a time. If you are trying to connect to a new device, you'll want to unpair it first. Or try turning off the other devices bluetooth settings first to get paired to the device you are wanting to use.

2. Are your Bluetooth and Location Services turned "on"?

3. Make sure you are on the latest and greatest version of the Schedulicity app. A quick delete and re-install will get you going there.

4. Is the reader plugged in with original cord, or charged up and turned on? Might try a different power source or USB port on our computer if it doesn't seem to be charging or on.

5. How is your internet connection? Do other sites and pages load ok?

6. Are you using the correct serial number?

7. Have you tried clearing cache on your device? Need help, check out these steps.

8. Try to restart your device, maybe it just needs a good ole refresh.

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