When it comes to choosing which card reader is best for your business, we know that there are a lot of factors that come into play. Since our mobile card reader and desktop card readers both have their strengths, we'd love to lay those out for you so that you can make the choice that's right for you!

  • Our mobile card reader works best with businesses that primarily check out their clients through our Schedulicity business app on your mobile phone or tablet. With its Low Energy Bluetooth capability, it's a light and portable option for dipping or swiping credit cards. We also recommend our mobile card option for single provider businesses, since our mobile card reader works best when paired to a single mobile device!
  • Our desktop card reader is coming soon and works best with businesses that primarily check out their clients through www.schedulicity.com on their desktop or laptop computers. All you need is a USB port or adapter to connect the reader to your computer and you're ready to process cards!  We also recommend our desktop card reader for businesses with multiple providers.  We'll let you know once this is ready to go!

You can choose one card reader during the set-up process, and it's completely free while supplies last!  🙌 Of course, if you're a business that does a little of both, you're always more than welcome to get both as well. We've laid out how to get a second device over here, if you're ever interested in enjoying both the mobile and desktop life with Schedulicity Pay.

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