Getting started with Schedulicity is a breeze, and a great way to get your account to the next level is to get comfortable with your account’s Settings and Policies. In the world of Schedulicity, the Settings area is the heartbeat of your account. Whether it’s setting yourself up so that you don’t get any unexpected drop-ins, checking on the transactions you’ve run for the week, adjusting your employee’s schedule, or even seeing what your subscription price is, Settings has it all.

How to find your Account Settings in the Schedulicity dashboard

To take a peek at all of the awesome areas that Settings has to offer, you’ll simply want to either click on the gear to the left-hand side of your screen or select Settings from the main menu on the upper left-hand corner. From there, you’ll have a variety of things to check out – including our "Policies" area!

What is the Policies area?

Policies is an amazing way to control the nitty gritty in your account, and once you’ve set all of your policies in place, you can let Schedulicity do the rest. Whether it’s setting your notifications to send out at a certain time to ensuring that you’re not getting last-minute bookings, we have a lot of details that you’re able to apply as quick as can be! In particular, you can check out these policy areas:

  • "General Policies" are booking settings that apply across your account, including notifications or new client policies

  • "Appointment Policies" adjust booking settings for your service-based appointments

  • "Class Policies" will adjust booking settings for any of your classes

  • "Workshop Policies" will adjust booking settings for your workshops, as well as the label that those workshops can be called!

  • "Email Policies" help you manage the reply-to email that clients will be directed to when they respond to a notification, as well as the ability to customize email notification sent to clients when they book

  • Finally, "Payment Policies" help you adjust your no show policies for refunds and the like

Exploring and setting up these policies are how our most successful businesses set themselves up for success, so we encourage that you check Settings out as well so that Schedulicity can start working for you!

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