We love all of our Schedulicity family members, whether they're rocking out on a Macbook or a PC. However, there are a lot of browsers out there in the world, and Schedulicity isn't able to be designed to work with every single one.

If you're seeing the above message in your browser, this is because you're using a browser that isn't supported by Schedulicity. Some of those browsers may include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or others.

If you prefer a browser that isn't Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, not to worry: you're still able to use Schedulicity for sure! However, your experience may be less than the absolute best that we love to offer to our businesses and their clients, so we want to let you know just in case you'd prefer to get one of our preferred browsers instead. (And good news: they're all free! 🎉)

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