With the class waitlist, you now have a killer way to maintain a full class roster even when a student cancels, ensuring your most popular classes are always filled. This means you'll save time, produce more revenue, and make clients happy. 😊Talk about a win-win-win!

To adjust the number of spaces available on your waitlists, head over to the Class Policies page:

  1. Click the three lines in the top left, and jump on over to Settings

  2. Click into the "Policies" tile

  3. Choose "Class Policies"

  4. Adjust the number of spots for your waitlists and be sure to hit "save"

Keep in mind, the maximum number of waitlist slots available is 10, which means up to 10 students would be able to add themselves to a waitlist from the client-side. Of course, from the business side you're able to add more than 10 students to a class waitlist if needed!

Once your class waitlist policy is set, students will then be able to add themselves to the waitlist for a full class when they're booking online.

Here's how you can use the waitlist from your end of things. 👇

Manually add a client to a waitlist

  1. Open up the session roster

  2. Click the "Add to Waitlist" button

  3. Scroll or search to find the client's name

  4. Lastly, click "add client to waitlist"

Move a client from the waitlist to the class roster 

  1. From your class roster, scroll down to the waitlist

  2. Click the circular icon of the avatar and + symbol beside the client you'd like to move from the waitlist, into the class

  3. This will then pull up a confirmation message where you can choose to send out class enrollment notifications to the client and the instructor. 

We wanted to give you full control over who gets moved into your classes, so once a spot opens up, you can move a student from the waitlist to the roster and choose whether or not to send an email notification to the client, letting them know they are now in the class.

If you do receive a notification that a student has cancelled, simply walk through the above steps to make sure that spot is filled. Boom, back to a full class! 💥

Of course, if your students are wondering how to add themselves to your class waitlist or are wondering when they'll be notified, we also have some awesome resources on how to do that on our client help page that you're able to share with them.

Here's to freeing up your time, keeping revenue high, and no more paper waitlist!

What's Next?

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  • If you're a service based business, make sure to check out our new Appointment Waitlist as well!

  • Want to receive text alerts anytime a client books online or cancels? Let's make sure you're opted in!

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