Prefer to have a hard copy of your waivers on file? Have a lot of students who prefer to sign up for classes in person? Need to check in to see if a student has seen your waiver before they’re given the all clear to participate? Not to worry – you’re still able to track your students’ waiver acknowledgements from their client profile! 

As a heads up, when you go to check on your client’s waiver status, you’ll see one of three options! Here’s what they mean so you know what to look for:

  • If a client hasn’t acknowledged your waiver at all, you will see the phrase “waiver not acknowledged” 
  • Conversely, if they have acknowledged your waiver, you’ll see “updated on [date of acknowledgement]"
  • Finally, if you’ve made an update to your roster and your client hasn’t seen it yet, you’ll see “(out of date)” 

If you need to manually acknowledge a waiver on your client’s behalf (or check on their waiver status), here is how you can do just that:

  1. Go to the Clients area
  2. Select your client’s name from the client list
  3. Under the “Waivers” area, either acknowledge a class/workshop waiver by clicking on the blue “acknowledge” button or update their waiver status by clicking on the blue “update” button
  4. Save your changes!

To see how Waivers work in action, check out this lovely video here:

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