As you're checking in your clients to class, sometimes it's handy to be able to see if they're arriving together as a group or separately to class! To help keep track, we've developed a new way to see your roster: the Group Booking view.

Our Group Booking view allows you to see folks who have booked in a group at a glance, versus folks who have simply booked by themselves. To view your roster the old fashioned way with all of your students in one simple list, you can switch over to our Attendees View instead. 

To switch between the Attendees View and Group Booking View in your roster, all you’ll want to do is follow these steps in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Click the three lines in the upper left and go to the Classes page

  2. Select your class from the calendar

  3. Under the “Session Roster” header, click on either the single person to go to the "Attendees" view OR click on the group of people to go to the "Group Bookings" view

  4. You can switch between both easily, so click between either to get a peek of your students at a glance!

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