Sometimes we've found that applying a forced update with Google calendar can help to ensure you've shared the most up to date schedule. Give these steps a try to see if it helps: 

  1. Navigate to your shared calendar in Google. 

  2. Click on the Service name of one of your shared events. 

  3. In the appointment details that appear, copy the link that appears next to the calendar. It will look something like this example link: "webcal://"

  4. Navigate back to your main Google calendar. 

  5. On the left of the page, select the small arrow to the right of "Other Calendars" 

  6. Choose "Add by URL" 

  7. Paste your link into the appropriate field and take your cursor to the end of the link. Add the following parameter to the end of the link: &update1
    👉 With the example link, it will look like this:

  8. Hit "Add Calendar."

The updated calendar should appear alongside your current shared calendar in a different color. Then, you can hide or unsubscribe from the original calendar. Next time you need to update, just follow those steps but replace the 1 at the end of the update link with a 2, then a 3, etc.

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