Absolutely! Clients will be able to book online if they have a package deal associated to their profile. If there is a payment requirement for the service, class, or workshop that they're booking, you can allow those folks who have a package to bypass that requirement. Just set up that bypass option within the details of each service, class or workshop that applies! 

Additionally, you're able to determine if a package applies to services, classes, or workshops. For example, if the package allows a client to bypass the payment requirement and the package is for services, and a client books a class, they'll still have to follow the class payment requirement. 

Keep in mind that when a client books online and they have a package in their profile, a session won't be decremented automatically. We wanted our businesses to have full control of decrementing each package session, so just make sure to mark a session as used when the client comes in if their package fits their booking 👖. 

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