Decrementing/Using a Client's Package

Service-based packages can be set up for specific services. If your package is set up for Services, a package session will automatically be used when the client books online, so you're good to go there! 🙌

As we're still working on this same functionality for Classes and Workshops, we’ve left full control in your hands for applying those package sessions to a visit. There are three ways you can use a client’s session:

  • You can quickly use a session through “Check-in” on a class or workshop roster
  • You can apply a session to a client’s visit using the “Checkout” button
  • You can manually mark a session as used from within the client’s profile

Check-in from a class or workshop roster:

First, you can check a client in from a class or workshop roster using the little client icon with a checkmark. By clicking the checkmark, their package will be automatically decremented by one session. 

If a client has more than one package on their profile that applies to classes or workshops, you’ll be prompted to select which package you’d like to use. 👍 


Use the “Checkout” button: 

  1. Click into the Appointment, Class or Workshop roster and select the Checkout button
  2. Select the three dots by the Appointment/Class/Workshop description and select "Apply a Package" to choose the package your client wishes to use
  3. Once the package is applied, you'll see a "package applied" stamp underneath the class/workshop
  4. You can add additional items to charge if you like (like a product), and can add a discount too!
  5. Once you've reviewed your ticket items, click on the "continue" button to complete your transaction!

Mark it used in the client’s profile:

Finally, if a client has already used a few of their sessions, and you want to decrement these in Schedulicity, you can do this from a client's profile by following these steps:

  1. Head to the client's profile
  2. Under the “Active Packages" header, select the menu icon to the right of the number of sessions left in the package
  3. Choose to use a session for it to be decremented from  the package or choose edit to modify the remaining sessions
  4. Save your changes!

What's Next?

If your client doesn’t have a package yet, you can add that in the Checkout workflow and even collect their payment using our Payment Add-on!

Interested in trying our Package Management tool? Check out this article!

Returning a package session for a no-show or cancellation.

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