There are a few ways for a package to be added to a client’s profile.

Using Checkout or Quick Checkout to Sell a Package

If a client would like to purchase a package, you can use the "Checkout" button from any appointment, class, or workshop reservation to add a package to their profile.

You can also sell a package by using the Quick Checkout feature, which is a handy way to sell a package if a client doesn't have any appointments on the books. Look for the "$" icon along the left of your Schedulicity Dashboard or look for the Quick Checkout button right on the client's profile.

These options integrate seamlessly with Schedulicity’s Payment options if you'd like to process a credit card charge for that sale right from your calendar!

Once the client has a credit card in their profile, either from booking a payment-required service online or if their credit card was entered on the business side, you'll be able to charge them for a package online with the card that they have on file.

Here's how:

  1. Head to the client's appointment, class, or workshop session

  2. Hit the "Checkout" button

  3. Select "Add item" and then "Add package"

  4. Choose the package, and it will be added to the Checkout Details in addition to the price of the service, class, or workshop session

  5. Walk through the rest of the charge steps, choosing to charge the card on file after selecting "credit card" as the tender type

Allowing Clients to Purchase Packages Online

You have full control over whether or not your packages are available for your clients to purchase. If available for online purchase, clients can choose to add a package deal on the final page of the booking process! Clients will see the full list of packages you offer, and will also see packages they already have active with you.

Here’s a peek at what that looks like:

In order to sell packages to clients online, you’ll want to be connected to a Payment Processor as clients will be charged the full price of the package deal when booking. Once their visit is confirmed and the package deal is paid for, it will be automatically tied to their client record.

"Wait, clients have to purchase a package when they book an appointment? I don’t want them to get charged for both!"

I’m so glad you brought this up, you’ve got a great point there, and that’s why we’ve built the option for you to set up a Package Bypass for services, classes, and workshops that your packages apply to! Here’s how it works:

When a client goes online to book an appointment/enroll in a class/workshop, and then they choose to purchase a package (since it’s such a good deal, am I right?!), if the service or class/workshop they’re booking has the package bypass set up, they won’t be required to pay the price of what they’re booking (since the package is going to cover that) and will instead just pay for the package. 

This will work the same for clients who have purchased a package in the past, and still have active sessions in that package. They’ll be able to go online and book without prepaying for their appointment/class/workshop (so long as what they’re booking has the package bypass set up) since their package is covering their visit! 

Adding a Package Directly to a Client's Profile without Payment

If you’re wanting to give a client a package without collecting any kind of payment, only the Admin of the account will be able to add a package directly to a client’s profile:

  1. Navigate to the client’s profile from the client list

  2. Under “Active Packages” click on “Add Package”

  3. Select the package you’d like to add

  4. Add an expiration date if applicable

  5. Confirm by clicking “Add Package”

☝️ Keep in mind: While adding packages directly to a client's profile with these steps doesn’t charge the client, it will create a ticket item for them that we're currently not able to remove the balance for. If there is a package that you often give away for free to clients, or if you give them a package while accepting payment outside of Schedulicity, you can create a package(s) with a $0 price to give them, so we don't end up with a ticket item and a balance due for the client.

What's Next?

  • Service-based packages will be automatically decremented when the client books online, while Class and Workshop packages aren't automatically decremented when clients book online. Instead, you have full control over each session's use and can decrement on your end if the booking applies to the package purchased! Check out this article that talks all about that. 

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