If a client would like to purchase a package deal, you can use the "checkout" button from any appointment, class or workshop reservation to add a package to their profile. This integrates seamlessly with Schedulicity’s Payment add-on if you'd like to process a credit card charge for that sale right from your calendar! 

Once the client has a credit card in their profile, either from booking a payment-required service online or if their credit card was entered on the business side, you'll be able to charge them for a package online with the card that they have on file. Here's how: 

  1. Head to the client's appointment, class, or workshop session
  2. Hit the "checkout" button
  3. Select "Add item" and then "Add package"
  4. Choose the package, and it will be added to the Checkout Details in addition to the price of the service, class, or workshop session
  5. Walk through the rest of the charge steps, choosing to charge the card on file after selecting "credit card" as the tender type 

Through our Payment add-on, you can also set your packages to be available for clients to purchase online when they’re booking themselves. That option is found within the Package details found under Settings >> Packages!  

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