*To stay ahead of the game and know what's coming down the pike, be sure to check out the Latest and Greatest article.

Release 46.0 — Planned for 5/10/22

We've got some slick design updates rolling out for our business users in this release! With big new buttons in the checkout flow to keep things easy when selecting a tender type, you'll easily be able to select a text message or QR code in the Norm flow 💰

We're also updating the class creation page to our current design standards to ensure that things will be easy peasy the next time you need to set up a new class 🧘‍♀️

Of course, we have our usual internal improvements and bug fixes to keep everything looking good under the hood!

Release 44.0 — 3/22/22

In this release, we've got some report improvements that will allow account administrators more parameters to help filter reports.

Also with reports, now if you leave a report through a link within that report, Schedulicity will maintain the filters they selected when they navigate back to that report! Nifty, eh?

We've also got some design updates to keep things looking fresh, and bug fixes to ensure that everything stays running smoothly 🚗

Release 43.0 — 2/24/22

Loads of bug squishes!

Release 42.0 — 2/16/2022

Ability to add a card on file from the appointment details page, and update workshop list to display in chronological order.

You'll be able to add a card on file for a client right from the appointment details page— no more extra clicks if you're booking a new client for a hold cc/deposit/prepay appointment!

In addition, we're rolling out a new organization with how Workshops are displayed in the list format. Moving forward, these will be displayed chronologically based on the end date. If you're not using workshops, but that sounds like something that would be a fun offering for your business, learn more here!

Of course, we're rolling out our usual bug fixes and design improvements!

Release 41.0 — 2/2/2022

Verify problem emails directly from the report, any available provider update

It’s February, can you believe it?! There will be a new shine on our Problem Email Report: emails can be verified directly from the report ✨

In addition, users will now have the ability to set the “any available provider” option for clients right from the provider list!

As usual, we’re continuing on with our design updates as well as bug fixes.

Release 40.0—1/19/2022

Schedule Report Update

Happy 2022! We're kicking off the new year by adding some polishes to the new Schedule Report—now including notes and canceled appointments so everything you need is right at your fingertips 💅

We're also keeping things running smoothly under the hood with our usual internal improvements and bug fixes!

Release 39.0—12/15/2021

Schedule Report

We've introduced the Schedule Report, a handy report that is a combination of the Agenda View Report and Schedule By Provider/Instructor Report. This report includes details about any scheduled item.

Internal improvements and bug fixes

Release 38.0—11/30/2021

Service waitlist improvements

Business users can now choose any available provider for waitlist requests on the business side of the account.

Internal improvements and bug fixes

Release 37.0 — 11/1/2021

Internal improvements and bug fixes

Along with our usual internal improvements and bug squishes, we also have some functionality improvements.

Release 36.0 — 9/29/2021

Bug fixes and design updates

The Schedulicity train is chugging right along with some bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements 🚆 You'll also notice a few minor design tweaks!

Release 35.0 — 9/15/2021

Waitlist Improvements and Mini-calendar Update

Businesses with the waitlist enabled now have the ability to choose if bookable waitlist spots are held from client-side booking or not. Minor design changes have been made to the mini-calendar when making shift changes as well.

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 34.0 — 8/25/2021

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

As we continue to make Schedulicity the best it can be, we’re doing some internal improvements as well as updates to the backend of things in preparation for larger improvements down the road.

Release 33.0 — 8/11/2021

Apple Pay During Norm

Clients will be able to checkout via Apple Pay in their mobile browser during the Norm self-checkout flow.

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 32.0 —7/20/21

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

As we continue to make Schedulicity the best it can be, we’re doing some internal improvements as well as updates to the client-side Android booking flow.

Release 31.0 —6/23/21

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

In this release, we've got some maintenance polishes coming ✨ Continuing to keep things nice and smooth for our users!

Release 30.0—6/9/2021

Client Waitlist Creation & Consumer Apps

The Android and iOS consumer apps now include the option for clients to create waitlist requests. Clients can also now view and manage their waitlist requests on the iOS app.

Release 29.0—5/18/2021

Internal Improvements

As we continue to make Schedulicity the best it can be, we’re doing some internal improvements and display adjustments.

Release 28.0 — 5/5/2021

Client Waitlist Management & Android Consumer App

The Android consumer app now includes the option to view and cancel client waitlist requests.

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 27.1 — 4/22/2021


The new Launchpad menu on the Dashboard guides new users through account set up.

Norm Launch—4/20/2021

Norm Self-checkout

With the new self-checkout option, Norm, clients can securely save a payment method to their profile, then pay and tip businesses straight from their phones.

Release 27.0 — 4/8/2021

Clients can now add payment information via iOS and Android apps-without needing to book an appointment!

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes.

Release 26.0 — 3/23/2021

New options for a business or a client to save payment information on file.

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes.

Release 25.0 — 3/10/2021

New quick access to your Booking Link right from the Dashboard.

Internal Improvements and Miscellaneous Bug Fixes.

Release 23.0 — 2/1/2021

Internal Improvements

As we continue to make Schedulicity the best it can be, we’re doing some internal improvements and display adjustments.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 22.0 — 1/13/2021

Internal Improvements

As we continue to make Schedulicity the best it can be, we’re doing some internal improvements and display adjustments.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 21.0 — 12/9/2020

Linked Accounts

Built right into the Unlimited Bookings Plus add-on, our brand new Linked Accounts feature is here to connect independent contractors or booth renters that work under the same roof. By linking up accounts, folks will be able to maintain their own separate Schedulicity accounts, meaning they'll be able to manage their own account settings, payment processing, scheduling policies and marketplace listing page—while still displaying on the same listing page together. It's pretty dang slick and will make a smooth booking process for clients as well! 💥

Here's a little visual of the booking page with multiple accounts all linked up together. 👇

Service Waitlist for iOS

Just like the waitlist we recently rolled out for the full website, we're now going to have the service waitlist feature in the iOS app for iPhones and iPads as well!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 20.0 — 11/27/2020

Appointment Waitlist

That's right! Our appointment-based waitlist is finally here! If you're already taking advantage of our Unlimited Bookings Plus add-on, you'll be able to enable the waitlist by heading over to Services > Policies > Appointment Policies. Once enabled, you'll be able to access your waitlist from the new icon on the Appointment Calendar and the Dashboard. 👇

When adding a client's request to the waitlist, you'll be able to:

  • Choose whether to send the client a confirmation for their waitlist request

  • Select what services the client would like to come in for

  • Choose how long the client would like to remain on the waitlist (7 days, 30 days, or a specific date up to 90 days in the future)

  • Select the days of the week, and times of day that work best for the client

  • Add any important notes!

From there, Schedulicity will keep an eye on your schedule, and automatically match up waitlist requests with open slots in your calendar that fit the client's criteria! We'll reserve up to 10 slots per waitlist request, and prevent other clients from booking those time slots so folks on the waitlist can get first dibs!

You'll get a little red notification bubble on the waitlist icon any time a request has a match on your calendar, and from there it's just a few clicks to move them onto your schedule. Slick, right?!

This is just our first version of the waitlist, so it will only be available on the business side of things, though we're already working on getting it ready for your clients as well. We'll make sure to spread the good news as soon as that additional functionality is available! 🥳

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 19.0 — 10/28/2020

iOS Software Versions

With Apple's latest software update to iOS 14, we are deprecating support of any iOS version under 13.6.

iOS Business App Improvements

Like with the full website, we've built in the option for businesses to return a session to a package when an appointment is marked as a no-show in the iOS app.

We're also expanding the max zoom for the calendar view in the iOS app, so businesses are now able to see more of the day in the weekly view. Check it out! 👇

Release 17.0 — 9/16/2020

New Login Compatibility

Our iOS business app will now be compatible with Apple Touch ID and Face ID for logging in. 🥳

Optional Signatures on iOS

Based off of feedback we've received, we're making the signature fields optional when checking out a client with a credit card transaction via the iOS business app.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 16.0 — 9/3/2020

Waivers for Services

It's here, folks! Waivers for Services! Like Classes and Workshops, we now have the ability for service-based businesses to include a waiver for their clients to acknowledge as part of the booking process. 📝 Head to Settings>Policies>Appointment Policies to set things up!

Education Portal

We've gathered up all the goodness—support articles, blogs, tutorial videos, podcasts and webinars—and put it all together in one place right within your account! By clicking on the little graduation cap icon along the left of your account, you'll be taken to a page to easily access all the tools you need to help get the most out of your account. 💥

Latest iOS Update

In case you haven't already heard, our latest iOS app update is now available and big news: we now have iPad support! 📱 Here’s a great video that breaks down the new changes.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 15.0 — 08/10/2020

Customize Packages for Specific Services

When creating a service-based package or editing a current service-based package you already have, we've added the ability to choose which services the package can be used for. (Classes will be coming next, don't worry, and we'll be shouting that from the rooftops as well. 😉 )

With this, we're now going to be auto-decrementing package sessions when clients book services online, which is super exciting! 🙌 Also, if you are marking a no-show or cancelling for an appointment or a class, you'll now have the option to return a session to the client.

Email Marketing Improvements

As we continue to adjust and improve our Email Marketing feature, we're polishing the current templates and revamping the Schedule Now button in the emails.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 13.0 — 6/29/2020

Edit Price Through Checkout

You'll now have the ability to edit the price of an appointment through checkout! Simply click the ellipsis menu to the right of the service in the checkout details, and select "Edit Price" from the menu.

From there, you can enter a new price for the appointment, and you'll see a call-out in the checkout details that the price has been edited:

👉 Keep in mind that this functionality is only available for editing the price of a service.

No New Clients per Provider

You now have the option to disable new client bookings on the provider level, allowing each individual provider to set their own policy! Check it out:

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Click on the Providers/Instructors tile

  3. Open your provider profile

  4. Click "Edit" in the top right

  5. Toggle the switch beside "Accepting New Clients" to "on" or "off" depending on what your policy is!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 12.0 — 6/10/2020

Client Signatures in Transaction Details

Tacking on to the ability to capture client signatures as part of the checkout workflow, we're now surfacing those client signatures right in the transactions details for you. Here's a sneak peak! 👇

Void Transactions for Schedulicity Pay Users

We're rolling out a way to "void" credit card transactions for Schedulicity Pay users. The Admin of the account will have the ability to void a credit card transaction directly from the Recorded Revenue report or the Transaction Details page. Check out the full scoop here.

Update to Provider Text Notifications

We're moving our provider text message notifications away from the email-to-text method to SMS text messages—similarly to the way client text reminders are sent. With this, providers will need to opt in to the new SMS text message from within their provider profiles.

Keep in mind, while the current email-to-text route will still work for the time being as we make the transition to SMS, you'll wanna be sure to get things updated on your provider profile by going through the steps here.

Release 11.0 — 5/27/2020

Quick Checkout on Client Profile
Adding to our new (beautiful!) Quick Checkout feature, you can now access checkout right from a client's profile. So feel to head directly to a client's profile to sell them a package or a product! 💥

Increased Character Count

To help you better communicate all those important details clients need to know for their appointment, workshop, or class, we've extended the custom message character count from 1,000 characters to 3,000 characters. If you're not familiar with how to include custom messages in the booking notifications clients receive, be sure to check out the article here.

Client Text Reminder Times

To give you a little more customization on when your client's receive text reminders for their booking, we've added a 1 and 2 hour option.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 10.0 — 5/13/2020

Quick Checkout
You've asked for it, and here we have it! 🙌There's now a way to easily check out a client without going through an appointment or class enrollment. With Quick Checkout, you can easily sell a product, a package, or a custom item right from the Dashboard. Just look for the new "$" icon along the left!

Email Marketing Improvements
We've made a few neat updates to our Email Marketing feature. So you can now create bulleted lists, pick your favorite color for the text, and indent the text as well! 📩

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 9.0 — 4/29/2020

Product Management Report
We've gone through and spiffed up our Product Management report, and it's officially back in action! You can use this report to check out the sales of your products broken down by date range and product! If you're not already keeping track of your products through Schedulicity, check out this article to get the ball rolling!

Transaction Notes
Transaction notes that have been selected to display on receipts will now also be included on re-emailed, and re-printed versions of those receipts!

New Explore Page
As part of Schedulicity's make-over, we've updated the consumer-facing Explore page where clients can go to search for businesses they'd like to book with! Check it out:

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 8.0 — 04/20/2020

We Care Donation Option
With these trying and uncertain times we are currently in—with things so up in the air for so many of us—we know there's still a lot of love going around. To answer their kindness and generosity, we've rolled out a brand new feature that allows clients to do just that. On your booking page, you'll now see that clients have an easy way to support you through donations of up to $200—sort of like digital tipping! 

Check out the full details here!

Instagram Photo Feed
Instagram is now officially up and running with the new version of their photo feed! Now that this new option is available, be sure to reconnect your Schedulicity account to your Instagram account to display photos of your work to folks who go online to book with you! Here are the steps to reconnect:

  1. Open the Marketing tab 

  2. Click on the Business Listing tile

  3. Select the “Change” button to the right of the Instagram header

  4. Choose the “enable Instagram” button

  5. Log into your Instagram account

  6. The 25 most recent photos from your Instagram account will now be displayed on your Schedulicity business listing! 👯 

Release 6.0 — 03/18/2020

Sales Summary Report
The Sales Summary Report is coming back, polished and ready for action, so be sure to check it out for details on gross sales, net sales, discounts, fees, refunds, taxes, gratuity—all neatly organized by Provider. 🚀 

Reprinting and Re-Emailing Receipts
We're rolling out the ability to reprint and re-send receipts right from within your Schedulcity account! Check out our article for more info and the steps to give it try!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 5.0 — 3/4/2020

"All Available Times"We've updated the "All Available Times" option on the provider list to read "Any Available Provider" and business admins now have the ability to choose whether that option lives at the top of the provider options, at the bottom of the options, or choose to hide it completely.  

"Starts at" Pricing
If the price of a service on your account varies, you now have the ability to set the pricing as "Starting at" with the lowest dollar amount you might charge a client for that service. 

Manage Packages Updates
On the manage packages page, you now have the ability sort your packages list by the following filters: what the package applies to (services, classes, or workshops); whether it's available online, if it's restricted to a one-time purchase, if it has a default expiration date. 

Auto Billing Updates
You now have the ability to change the billing date for a client's auto billing cadence, and you can set it for up to 60 days into the future. Additionally, when cancelling a client's auto billing cadence, you now have the option to cancel at the end of the billing cycle, or "cancel now" to cancel the auto billing immediately. 

Updates to Checkout

Discount Line Items
Now, in addition to the ability to discount an entire ticket, we also have the ability to add a discount to specific line items

Update the Call-out for Packages and Auto-billing
We've changed the call out for when a client has packages or auto billing available for use. Check it out! 👇 

Signature Screen
You asked, and we delivered! We've added a signature screen after the tipping screen in checkout for both iOS and the full site. 💥 

Ticket Management

What's a Ticket?
A ticket will have all of the information for you on a client's visit. It will include any products, services, or enrollments, and will give the full details of all transactions tied to the visit.

Ticket Management Report
This new report allows you to view and sort tickets by client, provider, date range, and status (no show, paid, balance due). 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 4.0 — 02/05/2020

Internal updates, and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Deprecating iOS versionsIn order to have the best experience using either our iOS business app, or our iOS client app, users will want to be updated to iOS 12 or higher.

Release 3.0 — 01/22/2020

Updates to Branding Based on Feedback
Based off of all the great suggestions we've received from our most recent updates to the look of Schedulicity, we've developed some changes to the color palette, as well as the look of personal time blocks:

🚧 Product Management Report Under Construction 🚧
In an effort to ensure that you have the most accurate information on product sales for 2019, we are making the Product Management report temporarily unavailable while we work out a few kinks and bugs. Not to worry, we'll have that report back before you know it! 

Updates for Client Receipts
In addition to calling out when a service or class is being covered by a client's package or auto billing, we have also added a line calling out how much they've saved if they had a discount! 

Deprecating iOS versions
In order to have the best experience using either our iOS business app, or our iOS client app, users will want to be updated to iOS 12 or higher.

Release 2.0 — 01/06/2020 

Schedulicity's got a new 'do! 💁🏻‍♀️
It’s a big, new decade and we’re moving into the future with a new look and feel! 

Over the last few years, Schedulicity has grown and matured as a company, and we feel it's time to update our look to celebrate that. We’ve evolved so much — we want to put our best foot forward in this modern world! So what does that mean for you? 

Starting early next week, you’ll see changes to the look of your appointment calendar, our logo, and our brand colors. In terms of how Schedulicity works, though, nothing’s changing. Your account and calendar will work just like they always have. We know change is hard and visual changes especially can feel really personal, so we wanted to make sure this update doesn’t catch you off guard. And we want you to join in celebrating this new era and share your insight as we continue to evolve! With that in mind, here’s a sneak peek: 

As always, we’re here if you have any questions or concerns. We’re so excited for what this new year will bring and can’t wait to keep on rocking with you into 2020!

🚧 Schedule Now Button Redirects 🚧
It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally phasing out support of redirected links for website integration using older Schedule Now buttons starting in the new year. You and your clients can continue to use those older Schedule Now buttons until then with no worries, and we will be sure to give you plenty of notice so you have time to get your button updated. We'll be reaching out with the exact sunset date sometime in January after you rock out the holiday season. 

Unsure if you’re using an old Schedule Now button? If you added a Schedule Now button to your website before February of 2016 and have not updated it since then, you’re using an old Schedule Now button. Updating to our newer Schedule Now buttons is pretty darn easy and they come in a variety of colors to match your personalized website. You can find a step-by-step guide to update your buttons here.

🧹Marketing Email Clean-Up Beginning Saturday 12/21/19 🧹
In an effort to keep our email marketing feature as efficient as possible, we're going to begin archiving email marketing messages that were sent out two years or more in the past. Archiving will be continuous, so you'll see messages being archived once they reach that 2-year mark. 

Release 1.5 — 12/18/19

California Consumer Privacy (1/1/2020)
In order to be in compliance with the new CCPA standards, we're releasing some changes to our Essentials site. Check it out here!

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Sunset of the Schedulicity Referral Program:
We appreciate all the love that we received this year with the referral program. However, as we move into the new year, effective on January 1, 2020, the referral program will be retiring. Don't let this stop you from sharing us with other entrepreneurs - we deeply care about your success and the success of everyone you bring to the platform. ❤️

Release 1.0 — 11/20/19

Color for Personal Time
We now have a handful of different options for the color of your personal time blocks! Not to worry—they'll still have they diagonal lines on the blocks to ensure you don't mistake personal time for an appointment.

Schedulicity Pay Daily Deposit Email
Schedulicity pay businesses will now receive a daily email (sent at 7am MST) with the total amount set to be deposited into their bank account from the previous days transactions, slick right?!

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Release 16.7.0 — 10/30/19

Option to Reset Password Via Text Message
All users will now have the option to reset their password via text message instead of email. The system will send out a verification code to the phone number on file within your profile. Once you enter the code, you'll be able to reset the password to log into your account. 

Removing the Log a Transaction Tender Type
To avoid the confusion between charging a credit card and logging a credit card transaction, we've removed the option to log a credit card transaction. If you'd like to make a record of a credit card transaction run outside of Schedulicity, you can select the 'other' tender type, and leave a transaction note outlining what the tender type was, and where it was run through.

Changing the Logo Design of our Business App
We've got a slick new icon design for our business app! Check it out:

If you haven't already downloaded our business app, head over to the iOS App Store, or the Google Play Store to get started! And don't forget about our Client App! Available here for iOS, and here for Android. 👍 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 16.6.0 — 10/14/19

Ability to Include Transaction Note on Emailed and Printed Receipts
Businesses now have the ability to include, or not include, a note on an emailed or printed receipt—just in case you need to post any specific information about that payment. Here's a little preview of what that screen looks like:

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 16.5.0 — 9/25/19

Shiny New Polishes to the Dashboard Screen
In keeping with our latest polishes to the platform, we've revamped the Dashboard screen. Check out the new look! 👇

Client Names Now Included in Both Emailed and Printed Receipts
Whether clients need it for insurance purposes or otherwise, we've dialed in receipts a little more, now including the client's name on both emailed and printed receipts! 💥

Add a Note to Credit Card Transactions
On top of being able to add notes to cash or logged transactions, we've added the ability to include notes for credit card transactions as well. You'll now see the "+add note" button when on the Gratuity screen. Like this:

Schedulicity Pay PCI Compliance Banner
If you're rocking things out with Schedulicity Pay, you'll spot a message asking you to acknowledge your PCI compliance at the top of your Schedulicity Pay transaction screen for a "Self Assessment Questionnaire" (SAQ). This is a handy self-validation tool intended to assist businesses and service providers evaluate their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. If you'd like a little more info on PCI compliance or the SAQ form, check out the article here.

Display Active Packages a Client Has During Client Booking Workflow
To help avoid confusion for clients, we're now displaying the Package(s) a client has before they book their appointment. Woo hoo! 🥳

We're also making it a little clearer for clients who book with a Package, letting them know the "Remaining Balance" shown on the final booking page depends on the available package sessions they have remaining:

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 16.4.0 — 9/11/19

Sales Summary Report Temporarily on Hiatus
We're temporarily hiding this report to give it some TLC. In the meantime, the Recorded Revenue Report will still be available to keep track of sales. Stay tuned for the new and improved version of the Sales Summary Report!

Improvements to Client Booking Process
For ease of client booking on mobile devices, we simplified the selection workflow for booking appointments. 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 16.3.0 — 8/28/19

Update to User Password Requirement
For a little more clarity and ease for both businesses and clients, we've updated the password requirement for users, making new passwords even easier to create. With this release, all passwords must now be 7-64 characters and contain at least one letter, number, and symbol. 

Update to Client Text Reminder VerbiageWe made a little tweak to the verbiage for client text reminders, to make things a little tidier and easier for clients. 📲

Removed the "Balance Due" from Client Profiles
As we continue to polish and sharpen up our payment feature and ticketing options, we're holding off on including the "Balance Due" tool in client profiles for the time being, so you'll notice that has now disappeared. Not to worry, you'll still see the "Balance Due" for individual appointments.  📆 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 16.1.0 — 8/7/19

Updated Look to Appointment Icons
As we've been polishing up our look and given a makeover to the buttons in our Edit Appointment screen! Now, our Checkout, Book Again, Edit Appointment, and Cancel Appointment icons are lil graphic icons to step in line with our menu icons as well! Take a look here 👀:

Import Clients in the iOS Business App
No client list in a fancy spreadsheet? No problem! We now have the ability to quickly import clients directly from your Contact List on your iPhone. All you need to do is click a few buttons and presto: your clients are already uploaded! 🎩✨

Specify Your Refund Policy
We know that refund policies vary from business to business, so we've now included the ability to adjust your refund policy to have it say exactly what you need. Check it out in the Payments Policy area, along with your No-Show Policy!

Client Access to Active Packages Info on Mobile
Great news – your clients no longer have to guess about the status of their package through the Client App! With this release, we've included an area for your clients to read up on what active packages they have on file, the package's purchase date, number of sessions remaining, and expiration date. Whether they're on an iPhone or an Android, your clients will be able to access that information in a flash! 💥

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 16.0.0 — 7/17/19

Layout Polishes

  • Subscription page polishes on mobile view

  • Polishes to client side scheduling and suggested services

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 15.2.0 — 7/10/19

Add an Additional Service at Checkout

Have a client that wants to add an additional service to their already scheduled appointment? No problem at all. 😎In the same way you're able to add packages or custom items at checkout, we've built in the ability to add a service to their appointment as well.

Package Expiration Date

When creating your packages, instead of simply adding an expiration date for "x" amount of months after purchase, you can now customize the expiration to a specific date. Here's a little preview below! 👇 

Polishing the Subscription Page

In an effort to stay on theme across the platform and make things more intuitive, we've made some polishes to the Subscription page. Check it out:

Adding Images to Classes and Services

Woo hoo! You now have the ability to add your own images to your services or classes. 

What a great way to get your clients pumped, or give them an idea of what the final product looks like after you're done!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

🚀 Release 15.1.0 — 6/5/19  🚀 

Smart Search for Clients

We refined the mobile view for our new “smart search” capability, where clients are now able to search by date, time, price, and their exact location. On top of that, it's now available in the iOS client app, too!

Customize the Unavailability Message

For when your books are full (heck yeah!), businesses are now able to customize the unavailability message clients see. Go through Settings to the Appointment Policies page to edit the message and check out this screenshot below for a little preview! 👇 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 15.0.0 — 5/20/19

Smart Search for Clients

We’ve made client booking even easier, giving clients “smart search” capability to search by date, time, price, and their exact location. It's super cool! 

Check out the preview below and check things out from the client side once this feature's out in the wild!

Product Management Report

Tacking on to our new Product Management tool, you now have a handy product management report to help keep track of your products! Find it on the Reports page within your account, under Payments.

Also, if you've already been utilizing Product Management for your business, you'll notice you now have the ability to search for products at checkout!

Status Page Info

We know exactly how hard it hits our businesses if our servers experience any kind of slowness or downtime. We also know that notices for planned downtime for updates are annoying and inconvenient. With that, we will no longer be invading your screen space with messages about updates. Instead we are thrilled to invite you to bookmark our new status page! https://status.schedulicity.com/

If there are any interruptions to service, we will post a note here. Feel free to bookmark that page or you can even subscribe to status updates if you prefer to stay in the know right away!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 14.0.0 — 5/1/19

👀Here's a sneak peek at some of the awesome stuff coming your way! 👀

Introducing Products: Tools to Manage and Sell Your Inventory

With Products, you now have a dedicated system within Schedulicity to manage your inventory! Products allows you to enter SKU numbers, prices, taxes, and more – all in one easy-to-track list in our Payments tab. We also have reporting coming down the pipe as well, so keep a look out! 🚗

New Reporting Options: Sales Summary Report

Our Sales Summary Report is designed to give you a bird's eye view of all gross sales within your account, including taxes, discounts, gratuity, and more. Check it out in our Reports tab! 🔍 

A Fully Responsive Website Widget

We've given our embeddable widget some love so that it can seamlessly blend into your website for an even better booking experience for your clients. Instead of staying in the same small box, the widget will now become as wide as you need it to be!

Improvements to Automated Marketing

Now, automated booking reminders aren't just for appointments: they're for classes too! With this update, you'll be able to send out Time to Book reminders to classes as well as services.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 13.1.0 — 4/22/19

Increase character count of Waiver text

  • The character count for waivers was increased from 3000 to 5000.

Email Marketing and Reporting improvements

  • Polishes made to the Client by Provider recipient list for Email Marketing messages. Also made improvements to the Estimated Revenue report for ease of use and functionality.

Ability to view full roster from enrollment details

  • Users now have the ability to navigate from the enrollment details for an enrolled client directly back to the roster.

Business-side redesign to Appointment and Class detail pages

Client app improvements

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 13.0.0 —  3/13/19

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 12.2.0 —  2/27/19

💰 Introducing Taxes! 💰 

Just because the stress of tax season is coming up doesn't mean that collecting your taxes has to be. Our team's made a suite of tools to make collecting taxes for services and items a breeze! 🎐They include:

  • Being able to add pre-set taxes to services up front during service creation. From here on out, these taxes will automatically be applied whenever you or your clients book that particular service – easy, right? 🎊 

  • Adding taxes directly to custom items for purchase on the check-out screen

  • View a ticket's overall taxes easily during the check-out process

  • Displaying those taxes in an easily readable format on both receipts and reports

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 12.1.0 —  2/13/19

Checkout and Package Improvements

Building off our last release, we are continuing to make improvements to the checkout screen, as well as the appointment block:

  • Allow businesses with $0 services/classes/workshops to use Auto-Billing or Packages in Checkout

  • When a Package or Auto-Billing is applied at checkout, the appointment block will display the green "$" 

Release 12.0.0 — 2/5/19

🚃 Breakdown of all the goodies headed your way! 🚃 

Checkout Improvements

  • If you're currently using our Payment feature, you'll notice some changes at Checkout, so keep an eye out for how much easier it is to keep track of client payments.

New Client Policy 

  • Been looking for a way to require a credit card from only new clients? Good news! We've made some adjustments to the New Client Policy. From your Policies page, you'll see the option to require new clients to enter their credit card when booking online. 💥

Business-Side Redesign

  • The business-side of Schedulicity is getting a new look! We’ll be rolling out this redesign in stages and you’ll start to see our changes to the layout and look of our application over the next few months. Here's a little preview of what to expect this week, with a little adjustment made to the menu:

Multiple Locations Adjustment

  • Using our Multiple Locations feature? Check out this little move we made, making it even easier to jump back and forth between locations. It's now right across the top of every page:

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 11.0.0 — Planned for 12/5/18

💥 Major Class improvements

Client Alerts for Classes and Workshops

  • Client alerts anybody?! We now have a handy way for businesses to view pertinent information about their client from a roster for classes and workshops.

Online Waivers for Classes and Workshops—Hooray!  🎉 

  • We're pretty excited to share this with you! Businesses are now able to require a client to acknowledge a waiver at the time of booking or track them right in the client's profile.

It's Here, Folks: Waitlist for Classes  🚀 

  • Directly on the session roster, our waitlist feature is an incredibly helpful tool that allows class-based businesses to ensure that their most popular classes are always filled even when they have some late cancellations.

Group Booking Has Arrived!  👪 📕  

  • No more fielding phone calls for group bookings! Now, with our Group Booking feature for classes, clients are able to enroll themselves and others—all through one booking!

Policy Updates

  • Privacy Policy

  • Service Provider Subscription Agreement

  • Terms of Service


Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 10.3.0 — Planned for 11/14/18

Automated Marketing 

  • Here's another friendly reminder that we are beginning to charge for our Automated Marketing add-on starting 11/14. This add-on works behind the scenes for you, sending automatic emails and promoting services to your clients. On the 14th, unless you've already opted in, it will be automatically removed from your account. If you'd like for it to continue running seamlessly in the background, you can turn it back on at anytime. 😉

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 10.2.0 — Planned for 10/17/18

Select a workshop screen- Client side redesign

  • You asked and we listened! We've updated the design for the workshop select screen to complete the client side redesign! The description, price, and run dates display on the workshop details.

Remove ability to remove a reservation from checkout

We removed the ability for business users to remove a service or course reservation from the checkout modal. 

Remove ability to edit package price from checkout

  • We’ve gone ahead and removed the ability to edit the price per package when adding a packing during checkout. 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 10.1.0 — Planned for 9/12/18

Monthly Calendar View for Business and Client Side

  • You asked and we listened! Now we’ve surfaced the ability to see a monthly class view on the business and client sides, making it even easier to see all of your class offerings at a glance. Yahoo! 🎉

Streamlined Course-Making Process for Course Only Instructors

  • Are you an instructor that only offers classes and doesn’t fuss with one-on-one service-based appointments? Great news: we’ve made it even quicker to add classes and sessions to your schedule by eliminating that notice that announces that you might have some conflicts with your schedule! Now you can just make those appointments and get on with your busy day. 

Default Class Duration Now One Hour

  • We’ve gone ahead and made setting up classes even easier by automatically setting the default duration time for a class to one hour! One less thing to set up = marking one less class off the to-do list even faster. 

New Call to Schedule Text for In-Progress Enroll-All Workshops

  • Have an enroll-all workshop that’s already started, but you still want to make it available for a few folks who have discovered it after the fact? With our new message, any potential students will still see that your workshop is on the table but will be prompted to call to schedule instead. This is visible on our client apps, as well!

“Support Group” Now A Workshop Label Option

  • For those in need, we have “Support Group” as a new label in the Workshops area. 

Adding Package Edits to Package History

  • Ever wonder when someone might have decremented a package or added another class session to balance things out? Wonder no more – now, your client’s Package History includes edits to their packages, as well! 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 9.11.0— Planned for 8/1/18

Instagram Booking Button! 

  • Add Schedulicity to your Instagram so clients can now book easily while browsing all your sweet pics!

Updated the look of the Edit and Book Again Appointment page 

  • We just prettied these pages up to make them match our new Appointment Details page, it's all about consistency, right?!

Create One-Time Package Purchases! 

  • Want to offer special package deals for clients that are only available in the spring?  Or maybe around the Holidays? Well- now you can!  Heck, you can even edit existing packages to be a one-time purchase if you want!  Haven't begun selling packages online yet?  Check out our Payment add-on to start!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 9.10.0— Planned for 7/18/18

We gave the client side class and workshop pages a facelift! 

  • The functionality of how to register for a class and workshop session hasn't changed, it just looks more up to date! 

Auto Billing improvements! 

  • Clients will be able to view which card they have on file, and can edit or remove it if needed. 

  • If they have auto billing in their profile, they'll be able to this when they're logged in as well! They will be able to activate auto billing from the My Preferences area of their account

  • If their auto billing fails, they will get a notification email as well as a push notification!

Class and Workshop Monthly View 

  • Great news! You'll now be able to view the full month of classes and workshops at a time, from the business side. There's a handy "print" button to print out this full month view. 

Release 9.9.0— Planned for 6/27/18

We added the ability to block new clients from booking online! 

  • This policy can be enabled on an account under the General Policies area! When it's enabled, there will be a "no new clients" banner on the client side. All clients will see that "(Business name) is only accepting bookings with existing clients. No new clients can book at this time." 

Auto Billing Improvements

  • We added an Auto Billing stamp that will appear when a client who has auto billing is checked to a class or workshop from the iOS business app   

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 9.8.0— Planned for 6/13/18

Adding client name to the refund transaction details (ios biz)

We've added the client's name to both the transaction details and the refund transaction details. The client's name will be listed at the top and will allow users to link to the client profile.  

Ability to select a start date when creating auto billing

We've added the ability to choose a start date when setting up an auto billing cadence for their clients. Clients are now able to bypass payment preferences based on the start date.

Displaying not yet started auto billing cadence (iOS biz)

With the ability to add an auto billing cadence to a client profile that has a future start date on the web side of things, we've added the ability to view those cadences from the iOS business app. The cadence will display like other auto billing with the newly added label of "not yet started." 

Display class/workshop notifications plus booked information on the enrollment details for classes and workshops

We are now displaying booked on details along with notifications details for classes and workshops within the enrollment details page. This information will display under the details of the class/workshop.

Filter services, Classes and workshops by payment preference

We've added a filter for payment preferences to the service, classes and workshop lists for businesses who are using the payment add on. 

We also added the ability to quickly send text message directly from a client’s profile on the iOS business app! 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 9.7.0— 5/30/18

Ability to edit class session color for multiple sessions

We've added color as part of editing multiple sessions at a time for classes. Businesses are now able to update the class color when editing multiple sessions at a time along with other changes.    

Updating the course when editing a class session

We've added the ability for a business user to update the class type from the edit class page. 

Ability to view/edit client notes from class/workshop roster

We added the ability to view and edit client notes from the class and workshop rosters. Businesses can add/edit up to 3000 characters and any edits made here will show on the client's profile.

Auto billing stamp for checked in classes/workshops

Due to feedback from class businesses using the auto billing add-on, we've added an auto-billing stamp to classes and workshops that gets applied at check-in. If the client has auto billing available but hasn't been checked in, the stamp will read "Auto billing available." Once the client is checked in, the stamp changes to a green check with "Auto Billing."

Option to opt into text reminders (client side)

We've added back in the prompt to clients booking with businesses who have the text reminder (SMS) add-on enable to opt-in to text reminders after they've booked with that business.  

Release 9.6.0— 5/16/18

Class Roster Improvements

We re-added the ability for call a client from the class and workshop rosters. If the user is on a desktop, "call" will open the default calling program (Skype, Google Voice, etc.). On mobile devices, it will call the client.   

Complete Client List Export Improvements

We added a "last seen on" column to the exported client list.

Client Tag Improvements

We've added the ability for an admin user to delete all tags at once from the client profile edit.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Release 9.5.0— 5/2/18

Advanced Marketing Improvements

We've added the option to send out Thank You emails only to your new clients! The default setting will be to send these messages to new clients only so if you'd like all clients to receive these messages you can quickly uncheck the box on the Thank You email setup page.  

General Improvements

  • We've made it even easier to choose dates and times when booking an appointment from behind the counter. You'll also notice a list of suggested time slots based on your availability that day, making the process faster so you can get back to doing what you love. 

  • Super quick access to sharing your listing page or direct URL. 

  • For all of our Multiple Locations businesses, we've made a great adjustment to the change locations tab on your listing page. This is now easier to see and it includes the address for each location to make toggling that much more intuitive! 

  • We fixed some bugs! 

Release 9.4.0— 4/18/18

Advanced Marketing Improvements

  • We added clarification to the Birthday, Time to Book, and Re-engagement tabs in Client Communications to clarify how the deals and emails work. Check it out: 

Birthday: Clients have until the end of the month to use your birthday discount. They can book up to a full year out.

Re-engagement: Clients have up to two weeks to use your re-engagement discount. They can book up to a full year out. These emails are sent out on the first of every month.

Time to Book: There emails are sent out on Sunday mornings.

General Improvements

  • When adding a class or workshop for the first time, you'll see a message that clarifies the difference between classes (best for regularly scheduled group sessions) and workshops (better for one-time events, and if you're needing clients to register for all sessions)

  • We fixed some bugs! 

  • We added a confirmation screen when disconnecting from Square or Stripe, to make sure folks know that disconnecting removes being able to keep client credit cards on file and to charge a client credit card.

  • Deal Manager got a spring face lift! Check out the screen shots below for the updated layout: 

Release 9.3.0— 4/4/18

Client Booking Page

  • Adjustments made to make sure this page is as intuitive as possible and clients know to click "Book My Visit" to finish the booking process! 

Bookings Held with a Package:

  • Clients will now be able to cancel appointments that are tied to a package session

Bug Bash

  • We fixed lots of bugs! 

9.2.0 Released March 28, 2018

Advanced Marketing improvements:

  • Analytics for specific birthday emails are available

  • Analytics for Promoted Services are now listed in monthly increments instead of weekly

  • The number of email messages for each type of email are now displayed

Android client app:

  • Clients are now able to scan their credit card information, instead of manually entering it

  • Clients can now book Deal Manager deals via the Android client app

  • Improved loading

General improvements:

  • We added a “Last seen on” column to Client by Provider export

  • We added “training,” “course,” and “clinic” to the list of available workshop labels

  • It is now easier to edit your business listing! 

  • The character count for service descriptions was increased

  • We re-added the ability to exclude multiple recipients at a time when creating custom emails 

9.0.0 Released March 7, 2018

Advanced Marketing:

  • Ability to send automated birthday, thank you, time to book, and re-engagement emails 

  • Ability to view analytics for all email communications

  • Ability to send push notifications for birthday, time to book, and re-engagement messages 

  • Ability to promote additional services when your clients book online

  • Added analytics for Deal Manager deals and promotions

  • Ability to send a custom email for Deal Manager deals

General Improvements:

  • Improvements to excluding and adding clients to email client recipient lists

  • Updates to exported payment report formatting  

  • Deal Manager deal booking through the iOS client app

  • Various bug fixes 

8.0.0 - Released February 21, 2018

General Improvements:

  • Ability to assign a category to a package with the choice of: All, Service, Class, or Workshop

  • Ability to add a credit card to a client from their profile or when creating an  appointment on the iOS Business App

  • Provider logins now have access to other provider's schedules on the iOS Business App

  • Renamed Email Marketing to Client Communications

  • Updated embedded widget UI to match new look and feel  -Ability to select a default tab for embedded widget

  • Various bug fixes

7.0.0 Released January 24, 2018

General Improvements:

  • Ability to set and accept flat fee deposits for services, classes and workshops at time of booking

  • Increased character count for provider, class and workshop descriptions

  • Added package expirations to the full site when a client is buying a package during the booking process 

  • Clients who have booked classes and workshops with a business are now included in the "Clients who have not scheduled since" and "Clients who have never scheduled online" email marketing recipient lists

  • Updated client side booking pages for package or promotion purchase  

  • Various bug fixes

6.5.0 Released January 8, 2018

General Improvements:

  • Added client package history to the iOS business app. 

  • Added package expiration to the iOS and Android client apps when a client is buying a package during the booking process. 

  • Various bug fixes

6.4.0- Released December 4, 2017

General Improvements:

  • Added the ability for a business to specify whether their employee is created as a provider or as a front desk user when setting up access for multiple locations.

  • Added the ability to specify a default expiration date when creating a new package or when editing an existing package.

  • Added the ability for a business user to view auto billing information on a client’s profile from the iOS business app.

  • Various bug fixes

6.3.0- Released November 15, 2017

General Improvements:

  • Updated the design and function of the search bar on the homepage

  • Re-added the “Favorites” count to the business listing

  • Added the following industries: Seamstress/Clothing Design, Lashes, Pilates (was split out from Yoga/Pilates), Language, Music (was split out from Music/Voice/Dance), Crossfit, Barbers (split out from Hairstylists/Barbers) Psychology, Electrolysis, Reflexology, Reike

  • Food & Drink was changed to Culinary, and Personal Fitness was changed to Personal Training

  • Added the ability for a business to decrement the service subscription for Auto Billing during the checkout process in the iOS business app.

6.2.0- Released October 30, 2017

Client side design improvements:

  • Updated the design of the My Preferences page for a client logged in user account. 

  • Updated the design of the profile overview page for editing and viewing information.

  • Increased the size of the change locations dropdown menu for multiple location businesses on their business listing. 

  • Updated the "Naturopathic/Alternative Medicine" industry category to "Integrated Medicine." 

Auto Billing for Services:

  • Added the ability for a business to set up, edit, and cancel an active subscription for services with the Auto Billing add on.

  • Added the ability for a business to decrement the service subscription for Auto Billing during the checkout process.

  • Added the ability for clients to book a service with an active subscription through the website, the iOS client app, the Android client app.

  • Added an indication to the appointment details for auto billing applied on both the website and the iOS business app. 

  • Added the ability to book a service with an active subscription through the Android client app.

General improvements:

  • Updated the iOS business app and the iOS client app for iPhone X changes. 

  • Added Fill My Book deal scheduling to the Android client app. 

  • Updated the design of adding a new class or workshop.

  • Various bug fixes

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