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Release 21.0 — Planned for 12/9/2020

Linked Accounts

Built right into the Unlimited Bookings Plus add-on, our brand new Linked Accounts feature is here to connect independent contractors or booth renters that work under the same roof. By linking up accounts, folks will be able to maintain their own separate Schedulicity accounts, meaning they'll be able to manage their own account settings, payment processing, scheduling policies and marketplace listing page—while still displaying on the same listing page together. It's pretty dang slick and will make a smooth booking process for clients as well! 💥

Here's a little visual of the booking page with multiple accounts all linked up together. 👇

Service Waitlist for iOS

Just like the waitlist we recently rolled out for the full website, we're now going to have the service waitlist feature in the iOS app for iPhones and iPads as well!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

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