Release 16.1.0 — Planned for 8/7/19

Updated Look to Appointment Icons
As we've been polishing up our look and given a makeover to the buttons in our Edit Appointment screen! Now, our Checkout, Book Again, Edit Appointment, and Cancel Appointment icons are lil graphic icons to step in line with our menu icons as well! Take a look here 👀:

Import Clients in the iOS Business App
No client list in a fancy spreadsheet? No problem! We now have the ability to quickly import clients directly from your Contact List on your iPhone. All you need to do is click a few buttons and presto: your clients are already uploaded! 🎩✨

Specify Your Refund Policy
We know that refund policies vary from business to business, so we've now included the ability to adjust your refund policy to have it say exactly what you need. Check it out in the Payments Policy area, along with your No-Show Policy!

Client Access to Active Packages Info on Mobile
Great news – your clients no longer have to guess about the status of their package through the Client App! With this release, we've included an area for your clients to read up on what active packages they have on file, the package's purchase date, number of sessions remaining, and expiration date. Whether they're on an iPhone or an Android, your clients will be able to access that information in a flash! 💥

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

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