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Release 3.0 — Planned for 01/22/2020

Updates to Branding Based on Feedback
Based off of all the great suggestions we've received from our most recent updates to the look of Schedulicity, we've developed some changes to the color palette, as well as the look of personal time blocks:

🚧 Product Management Report Under Construction 🚧
In an effort to ensure that you have the most accurate information on product sales for 2019, we are making the Product Management report temporarily unavailable while we work out a few kinks and bugs. Not to worry, we'll have that report back before you know it! 

Updates for Client Receipts
In addition to calling out when a service or class is being covered by a client's package or auto billing, we have also added a line calling out how much they've saved if they had a discount! 

Deprecating iOS versions
In order to have the best experience using either our iOS business app, or our iOS client app, users will want to be updated to iOS 12 or higher.

Sunset of the Schedulicity Referral Program
We appreciate all the love that we received this year with the referral program. However, as we move into the new year, effective on January 1, 2020, the referral program will be retiring. Don't let this stop you from sharing us with other entrepreneurs - we deeply care about your success and the success of everyone you bring to the platform. ❤️

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