If you have our Multiple Location feature enabled and have a location linked that you're no longer managing, you can use these steps to disconnect from that account:

  1. Head to Settings and click on your "Multiple Locations" tile

  2. Find the location you'd like to unlink and click the down arrow to expand the view

  3. Choose "unlink location"

  4. If this account was created at the time it was linked, verify that you're okay with the account being canceled and fully deactivated. (If you do still need access to this account, be sure to reach out to us before disconnecting!)

  5. If this account existed before it was linked via Multiple Locations, verify you understand that access will be removed for shared users, and that you know how to restore that access if needed.

  6. Click "unlink location" to disable the connection

That should do it and we're always here for you at support@schedulicity.com if any questions come up. 

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