As each account can only be hooked up to a single payment processor at a time, you will need to disconnect from your previous payment processor – Stripe, Square, or Schedulicity Pay – to connect to another. I want to give a big heads up here that Stripe, Square, and Schedulicity Pay don't communicate, so any credit cards you have collected within your previous payment processor will not be passed over to your new one. As such, you'll have a fresh start with your new processor! 💸✨ 

What To Expect When Switching Payment Processors

If you have a contract with your current payment processor, you will need to read your particular contract closely to see how much advance notice you'll need to give them before leaving. Most processors that are not Square or Stripe will require 30 to 45 days notice before you leave your current payment processor. Additionally you'll want to continue to process payments during that 30-45 day time period to avoid any Early Termination Fee or ETF. 

As such, if you're looking to switch over from a contract-based payment processor to Schedulicity Pay, Stripe, or Square, all you'll want to do is plan ahead and be patient. We'd hate for you to be assessed an ETF, and you'll most likely need to return any equipment to the processor (if you are leasing or renting) so you won't be charged a non-return fee as well. We'll be here when you're ready to switch! 

Turn On Those Payment Add-Ons!

Additionally, you'll want to make sure that Unlimited Bookings Plus (for Schedulicity Pay) or our Payment Plugin add-on (for Square or Stripe) is enabled on your account. You can easily check if you're unsure by heading to the My Plan area in the Schedulicity dashboard!

Time to Disconnect & Link Up

Alright, with all those good details taken care of, let's jump into some steps! To disconnect from your current payment processor:

  1. Click on the three lines in the upper left and select Payments from the menu.
  2. Select the “disconnect” button at the top of the page.
  3. Confirm the disconnect by checking the two boxes in the pop up, then click "disconnect."
  4. Your account will be disconnected from Schedulicity and your services or classes will no longer have the "Hold with a Credit Card" option enabled.

You will still have a Stripe, Square, or Schedulicity Pay account, as a heads up. If you want to fully cancel those accounts, there are a few different ways to go about this! In terms of cancelling your Stripe or Square account, you'll want to reach out to Stripe and Square directly. If you're with Schedulicity Pay, simply reach out to the Customer Experience team and we'll be able to help you with next steps!

Now that you've disconnected, you can connect to your new payment processor by walking through these steps. If you're choosing Square or Stripe:

  1. From the Payments area, choose the "Integrations" tab across the top
  2. Then select the “get connected" button for either Square or Stripe
  3. This will take you to Square or Stripe's landing page, where you'll want to allow permission for us to work together
  4. From there, you can either log in with your current account or create a new account that will automatically link to your Schedulicity account

Wanting to turn on Schedulicity Pay instead? Awesome – we have an entire article here on how you can get that all hooked up! Once you follow through these steps, you'll be ready to take payments on your Schedulicity account like a boss. 💪 

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