We definitely want to ensure a smooth booking process for clients and everything's running smoothly from our end, so we'd love to check things out with you.

When a client successfully schedules online, the appointment should appear on your end and the client will also receive a confirmation email letting them know! If you're set up to receive provider notifications, the system will shoot you a notification as well. We have sometimes found that the client didn't hit the final "Book It" button and thus, the appointment did not go through.  

Do you know if these clients received a confirmation of their booking? This is always a big piece of the puzzle! If the client did receive an email and would be willing to share it with you, we'd love to take a peek. Of course, if you have any specifics like the name and email of the client and date/time of the appointment they scheduled, we can do some double checking on our end as well— just let us know 🙌 .

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