Looking to make some changes or cancel an automatic credit card payment, check out these steps in the Schedulicity dashboard

  1. Head to your client's profile and select the vertical dots to the right of the auto-billing cycle you wish to cancel or edit 
  2. Click to "Cancel" or "Edit"
  3. If cancelling, choose to cancel immediately or cancel at next bill date
  4. if you're editing, make your necessary changes and click to "continue"
  5. On this next screen, review your changes and click to confirm those changes or cancel to go back and start over! 

To keep in mind with editing: Any changes you make to an active auto-billing cycle will take effect on the next bill date, so no need to worry about them getting double billed in a month! 

Also, if you're needing to change the monthly date for the billing cycle, you'll wanna cancel the auto-billing cadence and create a new one with the new bill date.

For a little more info on our Auto-Billing feature or to get things started, check out our article here

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