With our Auto-Billing feature, you can create monthly billing cycles for clients from within their profile! Then just sit back and relax as we take care of the rest. 😃 

First, you'll wanna make sure you have access to the Auto-Billing feature by first making sure you have the Unlimited Plan enabled and are connected to your preferred payment processor.

Once you're all set there, here's how to set up that automatic payment:

  1. Head to your client's profile  

  2. Select the "Add Auto-Billing button" and choose Monthly Services, Unlimited Monthly Classes, or Workshops  

  3. If a credit card is currently stored on the client's profile, the system will conveniently use that card info, otherwise, you'll enter the client's card info on this next screen 

  4. Choose the Amount, Start and End Date, and client's email address for receipts, then click Save!

The client will be billed on the day you choose to be the start date, and the auto-billing payments will run into the end date!

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